The whole house totally decorated by easy wallboard.Opportunities are left to the prepared.

The implementation of national real estate control policy promotes the development of the easy wallboard industry. In the next five years, China will construct affordable houses about 36 million sets so that the coverage of affordable housing can reach 20%. The development of real estate is bound to affect the development of the home furnishing industry so the easy wallboard’s market share has also gradually increased in recent years.Therefore, the easy wallboard industry will face a huge market in the next three years. 

The next few years can be said to be the golden period of the development of the easy wallboard industry. Owing to the improvement of people's living standards and the tastes, the traditional paint and wallpaper has been unable to meet the needs of people so the demand for the easy wallboard will increase. According to the survey, China's easy wallboard’s market capacity, occupy only 2% of the total market currently.So the market space is very large.

Opportunities are left to the prepared

Faced with a huge market demand, we need to think how to become bigger and stronger. Insiders said that the opportunity is to meet and not be asked, but also we can grasp the opportunity. There is such a word well said: “ Opportunities are left to the prepared."

As the easy wallboard dealers, we must first do the preparatory work in order to grasp this opportunity in the golden period of rapid development of the easy wallboard industry. Firstly,we need to enhance your image and focus on building brands.Enhancing our image is to focus on product’s quality, to provide customers with high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service. When the product we sold out can make the customer feel valuable for money, then we will enhance the image of the product. When our products form a certain reputation among the customers, we become a well-known local brands, and our enterprise has become a local famous enterprise. Then, we can occupy an absolute advantage and a certain market share in the local market.

To catch up the golden period of development, after-sales service is the key. Today, as long as the business managers recognize such a belief that the customer is the God, and this belief is firmly implemented during the management , it is ensured to be the key to success. “Some employees with poor quality who has the bad attitude to customers, which doesn’t view the customer as God. So what we focus on is to train the quality when we recruits staff now , and we strive to improve the quality of recruitment staff ." How to seize the opportunity need to have the courage to innovate. Innovation is that we need to innovate product design, production technology, as well as product marketing model in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. Recently, Home Furnishing group purchase activities made a good response from many dealers, full of sound and color.In fact, this is the innovation.Previously, the group purchase activities are for products such as clothing but now home furnishing industry also makes group purchase. For consumers, this is a very innovative promotional activities, and for businesses, this is the innovation on marketing. 

As for the styles of products and the production process,the innovation is more important.We need to seize the current opportunity, improve the product innovation and production technology innovation, otherwise the market will become obsolete. Now the consuming level of people is increasing and the quality of life is also increasing.If our products do not be improved, we will naturally be eliminated. So to seize the golden period of three years of this historical opportunity,product’s innovation is the key.

Improve the strength,Strive for brand

Easy wallboard’s enterprises must firstly improve their comprehensive strength. Easy wallboard industry has huge market potential and high return on investment, attracting a lot of cross industry operators to enter the industry so the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. During this golden period, if the enterprise does not enhance its comprehensive strength, it is unable to share the huge market share,and even keeping a foothold is not easy, not to mention be bigger and stronger.
Enterprises want to improve their comprehensive strength.firstly you need to increase the investment in product innovation to improve the core competitiveness. Many enterprises with weak competitiveness of enter into the easy wallboard industry, making the easy wallboard industry’s market management confusion, disorder, product quality uneven. Easy wallboard’s market started late, and the industry standard has not been fully established.Product imitation and plagiarism phenomenon is very serious, heavily damaging the interests of the consumers so that consumers’ recognition is low for the easy wallboard. So, in order to improve the trust of easy wallboard among consumers, gain their trust and improve sales performance,we must increase investment in product innovation, continuously introduce competitive innovate product , enhance the core competitiveness of products, and increase innovation to win customers and win market.