The era of the Easy wallboard, Finishing the wall in one step

Thirty years ago, many families had the dilapidated walls, above all with the newspaper; twenty years ago, the house wall is neat and white,which is very beautiful;
Ten years ago, the walls of different families have a rich color, like a colorful dream; and now, a lot of families began to choose the colorful wallpaper, wall paint, easy wallboard.So who decide the future?
Easy wallboard will replace the latex paint, wallpaper in the China wall market.Latex paint and wallpaper ever had the dominance which can’t be shake.
In recent years,with the strong rise of the Easy wallboard, its position has been in a huge impact.Compared with the advantages of Easy wallboard, the wall paint faces the fate of the Easy wallboard replacement step by step.
Easy wallboard industry leading brands, general manager Wang said, "latex paint, wallpaper is a good thing in the past, because it brings bright color to Home with warm and gorgeousness.But the people’s the pursuit of a better life is a never-ending pace. Easy wallboard has style diversity, high grade, as well as the fast installation,which is a latex paint, wallpaper can not be compared. Beauty can never be separated from health.With the development of science and technology, the Easy wallboard’s environmental performance , durability, and its quality and  has exceeded the latex paint, wallpaper.  
Due to various historical reasons, Chinese Home Furnishing wall is the world of latex paint and wallpaper over the past ten years,and with the rapid growth of the easy wallboard sales , the easy wallboard has become increasingly favored by the vast number of consumers. We believe that the Chinese Home Furnishing Easy wallboard is coming.In China, easy wallboard will no longer be a luxury decoration material and it will enter thousands of households, decorating home furnishing dress. For consumers, they choose the eliminating latex paint, rather than choose the new darling of the new era in one step-- Easy wallboard.
Quality Assurance in one step
In today of people’s taste change rapidly, the introduction of quality and the independence of the original is no doubt the two weapons of easy wallboard. Easy wallboard marketing director said: environmental protection and quality assurance are the basic factors to be considered when we select products, but the characteristics of the easy wallboard determines that the people tend to focus more on product design in the purchase of easy wallboard. Easy wallboard is currently the first patent products and won the sixth Chinese patent high-tech products Expo Gold Medal, won the National Award for energy-saving products in 2010 , green building materials product certificate.The product has passed tests in many aspects of building materials and components of quality inspection, a number of acoustic properties, thermal performance of national fireproof construction material quality approved by the domestic authority of the Department.All are in line with national standards.
Easy wallboard highlights the quality of life 
The improvement of the living standard makes people pay more attention on the quality of life, and the easy wallboard becomes a representative of the quality of life due to the characteristics of thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture-proof, fireproof, high strength, easy maintenance, easy installation, green environmental protection, beautiful fashion etc. Under the promotion of easy wallboard, we believe that there will be a more unique high-quality home products with Chinese culture to further improve the quality of the life of Chinese families