Easy Wallboard To understand the life of you

Advantage of Easy WallBoard

Is there a kind of decorative materials?
No formaldehyde! Don’t contain toxic and harmful substances!
Fast installation, No shovel wall!
Bare wall mounted directly, fifteen days to move into new home!
Save 50% costs and the 70% Decoration Time!
That is Easy WallBoard!
Intelligent module, Chain link, Energy Saving, Green Protection,
Convenient Installation; Style and Diverse, Widely used on Home
Improvement, Villas, Hotels, KTV, Clubs, Offices.

Milestone of Home Improvement Industry

Farewell to paint and other harmful material , realize the no release of formaldehyde,
heavy metals, no radiation.
Easy WallBoard will give you a green home.

Purification Plate


Six Major Functions


Easy Wallboard Easy Installation
One Step Installation

1.Measure wall level

2.Measure the size and find the starting point

3.If need to wrap the angle, open a V-slot from the back

4.Start from the corner

5.Using a nail gun to fixed, or use the buckle

6.Splicing others

Company news/Industry dynamics

Babaoli's easy wallboard has found its own market

   Nowadays, greater demands are being placed on decoration process by the owners such as water and fire proof,......

Understanding details